Mastering Workflow Automation with ADHD

2023-06-30 – Day 12

The Reality of Building a Course: An Update on My Journey

A few days behind with a text check-in and a couple more for video. I promised a real-life daily look at building a course, but it has turned into an opportunity to discuss the many pitfalls of project planning with ADHD. Whimsical decision-making, shortsighted time estimates, life’s many distractions (in my case, travel, and managing several ongoing contracts), and the occasional combination of both overestimating my skills while underestimating new challenges (like producing video content).

I decided to take on this challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and test my limits. It worked!

Reflections on Day 12

It’s day 12, and I know that although I have a lot of work left to do on the actual course building, I have managed to make a lot more headway since my decision to dial back the social interactions. Video was the first to go. It’s a high-bandwidth activity for me at this point, consuming a lot of energy in a number of ways.

Anyone that says producing video content is easy has something else going for them. Either they are already experienced with editing, pre-script their content, and don’t rely heavily on editing, or a combination of the above.

My Video Production Challenges

I am not experienced with either (although, I guess I am more experienced now), and one of the big issues I ran into was thinking that I could just record a monologue, and then edit it later. This is far more time-consuming than one might expect. That leaves me with recording a few takes in order to find one that works. I can confidently say that’s a very inefficient method as well.

Knowing your editing tools well helps a lot too. I was learning Descript on the go for those first few videos, and while it’s fairly straightforward, it’s hard to walk yourself back out of a complicated situation if something goes wrong. Frequently revisiting the documentation and forums for seemingly small things is frustrating. Each 10 minutes can feel like an eternity, just knowing that I could be making progress on the things that I’m actually good at.

Decisions and Adjustments

Ultimately, I decided that this is too lengthy of a process to continue daily, while also building a course, traveling, and actively discussing the course content with people on social media. For now, I will keep the video check-ins to a minimum in order to maximize the amount of time I have to spend creating the course content.

This part of the experiment, however, has been enlightening. I will definitely challenge myself to another round of daily video check-ins once I have a significant amount more experience with recording video in general.

So, from tomorrow (day 13), until August 1 (day 44), I will be continuing with Twitter updates, and the occasional video might make an appearance here and there.

Now, for the Course Updates!

I have a new landing page that I’m almost finished. I built it out using Carrd because wasn’t the best tool for the job where it is currently, and spinning up a whole WordPress site seemed like major overkill at this point. It’s a course, not an entire brand.

While there are many other ways I could have approached this, I found that Carrd had the right balance of features to cost. This was one new tool that didn’t take much learning to get working the way I wanted it to.

Building the Pre-registration Form

I’ve also built the majority of the pre-registration form using Paperform. It’s simple to use and has all of the nice integration features you would expectfrom a pro form builder. The pre-registration form is a great way for users to get specific about their pain-points. This benefits the overall course creation, and will also allow me to curate some specific reference materials for each individual participant.

I know that everyone has differing preferences when it comes to their workflows, especially regarding the software they rely on to drive things.

Writing the Course Content

I’ve been working on writing up some of the more generic course content that will apply to the majority of participants. I intend to start sharing some of these in-depth workflows leading up to the launch of the course.

The one I’ve got planned for next week is all about minimizing stress and overwhelm regarding emails. It’s a topic that I am all too familiar with, and you can be sure that it’s been thoughtfully written from a place of compassion and understanding.

Final Thoughts and Looking Ahead

I’ve just spent a couple of days documenting my regular monthly review process and have taken some much-needed time to refine it, since I missed my last review date and have been suffering the consequences (read, had a very full inbox).

Can’t wait to share the next update with you! Until then, stay inspired and keep pushing your boundaries!


A first look at OpenAI’s Code Interpreter

This morning I decided to try giving OpenAi’s ChatGPT Plus Code Interpreter plugin a little test. This is a fairly unsophisticated use case, but in my experience, that’s been the better way to start learning about the limitations of the NLMs I’ve been experimenting with over the past few months.

I asked it to “output the data structure of a JSON file in Mermaid so that I can visualize it”. While some tools already do this (or better), I thought it would be interesting to see how it approached the task.

One thing I noticed immediately is the little dropdown that says Show work

If you click on that, it opens up a panel to show you the code it’s writing to fulfill your request. Neat!

This is especially useful if you actually have an idea of what the code should look like. You always have the chance to stop it if it seems like it’s headed in the wrong direction.

I intentionally gave it a rather large JSON file to try and test the limits, at least in one dimension, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a constructive message after it had already been working for a moment.

It seems that the code took too long to execute, possibly due to the size or complexity of the JSON data. To resolve this issue, I’ll add a depth limit to the recursion and try again. If the depth limit is exceeded, I’ll add a note to the Mermaid diagram indicating that the depth limit was reached.

Please let me know what depth limit you would like to set for visualizing the JSON structure. A depth limit of 2 or 3 is usually a good starting point.

This is useful because it doesn’t just produce an error and then leave you to deal with it; instead, it provides the user with a simple solution that it’s ready to implement. It’s even proactive about choices, saying “I’ll do” instead of asking if you want it to.

I asked it to give me a depth limit of 3, and it quickly modified the initial Python code it wrote, adding a new depth limit to the function.

As easy as that, I was given some usable output.

JSON to Mermaid output from OpenAI's Code Interpreter

You may recall that I had asked to have the “data structure of a JSON file in Mermaid”. I think I could have been more explicit that I was only concerned with the structure. Well, Code Interpreter was nice enough to stop the output for me and had this to say:

You can use this Mermaid markup in a Mermaid-compatible tool to visualize the JSON data structure. Please note that this is just a portion of the Mermaid markup. The full markup is quite long, so I am unable to display it in its entirety here. However, I can provide you with a text file containing the complete Mermaid markup. Would you like me to do that?

Once again, useful output! I’m getting the impression that this will be a really helpful tool for me going forward.

So, naturally, I requested the text file of the full markup, and, it turned out to be huge. Granted, the source JSON file I had provided Code Interpreter with was about 7.4 MB, but the Mermaid output ended up being about 10.5, and since I didn’t need the data it contained, and was really only interested in the data structure, I asked it to help me out with that.

Here’s where things start to get a bit more interesting.

To spare you from a 2000-word article, I’ve left out a lot of the additional details, but here’s the essence of it:

Chris Cameron

File output is large due to dynamically generated object names. How can we summarize the structure while eliminating repetitive branches?

Code Interpreter

To streamline the structure and remove repetitive branches, consider these options:

  1. Group repetitive structures: Combine branches or objects with the same format and indicate occurrence count.
  2. Collapse lists with homogeneous items: Simplify lists containing structurally similar items and add an annotation.
  3. Simplify keys in dictionaries: Replace dynamically generated keys (e.g., UUIDs) with a placeholder (e.g., “{key}”).

Let’s see examples of how to implement each of these options:

It went on to provide the full code output for each of the 3 options, and then prompted me to choose which of the 3 (or all) I would like to try. I find the way in which it interacts very natural, and much more similar to speaking to someone well-versed in programming conventions than the types of exchanges I’ve had with ChatGPT (3.5 and 4).

In the end, this was a great test that proved to be more interesting than I had expected. I’m keen to put it to work solving some more complex issues, but for now, I thought this was worth sharing, especially since I’m still using it in the Alpha preview.

If you’re looking forward to hearing more about it, or have any suggestions for some more complex problems you think I should throw at it, drop me a line and let me know!

And for anyone still reading, all the way down here, I give you the beautiful Mermaid you’ve all been waiting for!

JSON to Mermaid output from OpenAI's Code Interpreter looking like a real mess

Ok, maybe not beautiful…But it is Mermaid. So, at the end of the day, I got what I asked for.


Finding My Spark with Shimmer

A Journey of ADHD Coaching and Personal Growth

In June of 2022, at age 40, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Since then, I’ve embarked on a journey to better understand and manage my symptoms, improve my life, and share my experiences with others. One transformative aspect of my journey has been my experience as an early adopter and beta tester of Shimmer, a digital-first ADHD coaching service. In this blog post, I’ll share that story, my experience with Shimmer, and how ADHD coaching can benefit others in a similar situation.

The Power of ADHD Coaching

For those recently diagnosed with ADHD or struggling with symptoms, coaching can be incredibly beneficial. A coach can guide you through the vast amount of information available and help tailor strategies to your unique needs while providing immediate support for everyday challenges.

One of the most significant advantages of ADHD coaching is the personalized guidance it offers. Since ADHD manifests differently in each individual, having a coach to navigate the complexities of the condition can be invaluable. They can help you explore various aspects of ADHD, identify your specific challenges, and develop targeted strategies to overcome them.

Another advantage of ADHD coaching is the emotional support it provides. Living with ADHD can be isolating, especially for those diagnosed later in life. A coach can offer reassurance and validation, helping you understand that your feelings and limitations are normal. This support can be crucial in building self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, coaching can help you develop immediate strategies to cope with common challenges like disorganization, forgetfulness, and time management. By addressing these immediate concerns, you can free up mental energy for deeper introspection and personal growth.

Discovering Shimmer

My path to Shimmer began when I stumbled upon a mention of the service in an ADHD support group. They were looking for beta testers, and I knew I was the right fit, given my background in web development and a generally high tolerance for frustrating UX. Shimmer offered a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional coaching, which often requires time-consuming travel and finding a coach with availability.

Before diving into my Shimmer experience, though, let me take a step back and first tell you what Shimmer is and who founded it. Shimmer is a digital-first ADHD coaching service founded by Christal (Chris) Wang and Vikram (Vik) Sreedhar, both of whom are incredibly friendly, easygoing, and approchable. They have created a platform that offers accessible and affordable coaching to people with ADHD, providing them with personalized guidance and emotional support.

It’s clear that Chris and Vik have been instrumental in Shimmer’s rapid growth and success. The platform launched officially to the public on October 12, 2022, and at the time of this article’s release, they have 1,156 followers on LinkedIn and a whopping 6.6K followers on Facebook! That’s quick for a small team that’s got their hands full building a business. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to both of them on several occasions, and there’s no doubt that they have a clear vision for Shimmer and are dedicated to creating a supportive and accessible environment for people with ADHD.

One of the remarkable things is how open they are to communicating with their users. They’re always looking for ways to improve the platform and coaching experience, and they actually take user feedback seriously and use it to adapt to the needs of their users. This has been really cool to see and be part of. In past beta testing experiences I’ve had, the organization has distanced itself from the user making it often feel as though your observations and feedback don’t provide much value. The feedback loop with Shimmer, on the other hand, has made it feel very encouraging to provide thoughts and opinions. I really applaud them for that.

Working with My ADHD Coach

My coaching journey with Shimmer began when I was paired with Alex, who has since become an indispensable mentor in my life. She’s thoughtful, approachable, and observant, with a super positive vibe. Our weekly sessions range from discussing specific strategies to simply talking through some of the issues I’m stuck on, which is a great way for me to gain some perspective and get some feedback on things I hadn’t considered.

With Alex’s guidance, I’ve figured out how to find and use the right accommodations, improve my daily routines, and set myself up for a multitude of positive life changes. One excellent strategy we talked about early on was this idea of “chunking”; taking tasks and breaking them down into smaller, more actionable goals so they don’t feel as daunting. Starting with more granular tasks dramatically reduced the amount of internal resistance I felt about getting started on some things. It also made a lot of the new habits I was trying to form stick more easily since I didn’t feel such a sense of overwhelm each time I would approach them.

Using this approach, I have been able to be better at keeping my office space neat. By splitting the cleaning and organization into smaller tasks and focusing on one part at a time, I don’t run into that overwhelming feeling that easily holds me back. Not only has this made it easier for me to stay organized, but it has also seriously cut down on my stress and frustration.

Alex has also provided validation and encouragement, helping me understand my limitations and overcome mental roadblocks. Her insight has given me the extra push I needed to embrace new tactics or overcome challenges.

Finally, I have to mention a pivotal moment in thinking about my business. I don’t recall what exactly it was that I was struggling with at the time, but Alex mentioned that I could try reframing the way I’m looking at the situation and see what I would expect in terms of accommodations from my ideal boss. There have now been several occasions for me to use this strategy, and it’s amazing how effective it can be. I have even used it to give myself an extra day off after travel, which was a huge win. Now I’m treating myself a little more kindly, and my boss is the best!

Shimmer’s Evolution

As an early adopter and beta tester of Shimmer, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness its growth as a company and community. When I first joined the platform, it was far less developed than its current iteration, with only a chat feature for communicating with your coach and the system. However, the team behind Shimmer has been hard at work implementing new features and enhancements to create a more robust coaching experience.

Out of the numerous beta testing initiatives I’ve been part of over the years, I have to commend Shimmer for having such a communicative and personable core team. It’s clear that they value user feedback and take it into account when making changes to the platform.

One significant addition was the goal-tracking system, which allows users to create and track coaching-related goals over a specified time interval. This minimalist to-do list helps keep users accountable and focused on their objectives.

Shimmer has also introduced the Learning Hub, an ever-expanding collection of resources that provides an approachable and bite-sized format for learning about ADHD, coaching, and strategies for success. The Learning Hub has been a fantastic resource for expanding my knowledge of ADHD and discovering new positive strategies and helpful techniques.

In terms of community building, Shimmer has launched a newsletter and hosted several webinar events, including one that I had the honour of co-hosting. These efforts have fostered a sense of belonging and connection among users. I believe that building a community around ADHD is a powerful thing, as it can bring together like-minded people who have faced similar struggles, while helping to transform how people with ADHD view themselves and how others perceive them. I’m glad to see that Shimmer is embracing this approach. We need to spread awareness about the condition, and getting people talking is the easiest way forward.

The Impact of Shimmer on the ADHD Community

As someone who has also been trying to do my part in bringing together the ADHD community, I recognize the importance of fostering a supportive environment that provides validation, encouragement, and resources for personal growth. I believe that Shimmer’s commitment to enhancing the coaching experience and building a community can make a positive impact on the lives of many people with ADHD.

Living with ADHD can be isolating, and many people with the condition struggle to find a sense of community and belonging. This lack of support can lead to feelings of shame and inadequacy, and can make it difficult to seek out help. By providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment, Shimmer is helping to break down these barriers and create a space where people with ADHD can feel heard, understood, and supported.

In addition to providing emotional support, Shimmer’s coaching services can help people with ADHD develop strategies and tools to better manage their symptoms and thrive in their personal and professional lives. The combination of personalized guidance, emotional support, and community-building has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people with ADHD.


My journey with Shimmer has been incredible, and I wholeheartedly believe that ADHD coaching can help others regain control of their lives and take steps toward living more positive and happy lives. If you’re considering ADHD coaching, I encourage you to explore the benefits it can offer you, whether it’s with Shimmer or another service.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed or have been living with ADHD for years, seeking support in the form of coaching can make a world of difference. It has empowered me to make meaningful changes in my life, and I am confident it can do the same for others. By sharing my story and experience with Shimmer, I hope to inspire others to take that first step in their own journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Remember, finding the right coach is essential for a successful coaching experience, so take the time to research and find someone who is a good fit for you. Coaching can help you navigate the complexities of ADHD, build self-esteem and confidence, and develop strategies for success. Don’t hesitate to reach out and invest in your future.

If you do decide to give Shimmer a try, you can use my referral link to get 50% off your first month ($50-175 value). Also, for any Shimmer members interested in participating in one of my upcoming webinar workshops on Automation for ADHD, I’m offering a special discount 💚

In summary, ADHD coaching can be a powerful tool for those struggling with the condition, providing personalized guidance, emotional support, and strategies for success. Shimmer is a digital-first coaching service that has proven to be effective and accessible, with a supportive and communicative team. As a beta tester and early adopter of Shimmer, I have witnessed the platform’s growth and evolution, and I believe that it has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people with ADHD.

If you’re considering ADHD coaching or looking for a supportive community, I encourage you to give Shimmer a try. By investing in yourself and seeking support, you can take meaningful steps towards personal growth and self-discovery.

Thanks for joining me! If you’re interested in reading more about ADHD, technology, and self-improvement, be sure to sign up for The Orbit (my newsletter/blog). Until then, dream big!


I initially drafted this blog post months ago but hit a couple of setbacks. Initially, it was getting my site set up, then it was wondering who would even be interested. The thing is, it’s really easy to give yourself reasons that stop you before you even get started. In the past few months, I’ve read a lot of posts by people in similar positions, and they all say the same thing: “Getting started is the hardest part.” So, here we go. This is just the beginning. I’ve got more posts drafted, and trust me, they get better.

Let’s start from the beginning…


Hi there!

My name is Chris Cameron, and I’m the founder of Satellite.

I have been spending the majority of my time the past several months working on building this business. Developing all the assets necessary to run it, and creating the systems that will allow it to be sustainable and scalable is not the most straightforward of tasks.

As an entrepreneur, I frequently come up with ideas that, while good, are not yet ready to implement or present to my clients. Research and rigorous testing are crucial parts of the process before presenting anything new to customers, and since establishing the basic services that keep the lights on are top priority, a lot of these ideas need to be put aside for later. This led me to start building a company knowledge base: a place where I can store all my notes and ideas that I’m not quite ready for, as well as all the things I have done so far, not to mention the important how’s and why’s that go along with them. So, inadvertently, in the process of creating the tool I wanted for my own company, I had also been doing the necessary R&D for another service offering. Stay tuned to learn more about it in a future post!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been my own boss, but the major difference this time is that I am no longer freelancing. I had the intention of forming a company with well-defined goals and a real purpose. For many, I suppose that distinction is a bit unnecessary, but I strongly feel that it has already had a profound impact on my approach to certain things. By having clearly defined objectives, boundaries, and target market, and by narrowing the scope of my services, I’ve been able to create a framework for something that I know has the potential to grow beyond anything I have previously tried to accomplish.

By stating my intentions in writing, in the context of a business plan, I have felt more accountable and driven to follow through with a lot of the foundational work and aspects of the business that I have more easily set aside in the past. Planning is so crucial to good time management, and it is one of the aspects of business that I have struggled with in the past. It’s a vicious cycle; skip the planning to get straight into the work, and then spend a lot of additional time doing unnecessary work because there was no plan.

Now that I’ve got the foundations built, I can continue to adopt good practices that will help the business to grow in the coming months and years. If I’m only four months in and can already see so many benefits, I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year!

Applied Data

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With our sound design services, we can create flawless phone messages or radio commercials for you.

And if handcrafted signs are more your thing, our artisans can take care of that too!

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The purpose of project management is to create a finished project that meets the your goals. In many cases, a requirement of project management is also to modify or improve the client’s original request so that it can realistically meet their needs.

Once your objectives are clear, they should guide all decisions made by people working on the project – like project managers, designers, contractors and subcontractors.

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